The pictures detailed hereunder represent those that are currently still available for sale. If any picture shown in the gallery is not listed here, it is possible that it has been sold, in which case please get in touch, as it may be possible to repaint a similar painting, or commissions can also be arranged for your chosen subject. Please contact Elisabeth Shatwell for further details. A4 Prints are also available for most artwork displayed, refer to pricing details below.

If any of the goods you purchase from this web site do not meet your expectations I guarantee to refund the cost of the item(s) purchased. You have the right to cancel within 48 hours of receipt of goods. If you do have to return the goods or cancel an order refund payment will be made to you after the goods have been received by me in original condition in same/similar packaging to:

Elisabeth Shatwell,
Les Champagnes,
24390 Nailhac, FRANCE.


The prices shown do not include postage & packing (added at cost incurred) neither do they include frames or mountboard. The sizes of watercolours may vary slightly according to the size of the painted vignette, for purposes of framing, rather than the size of the paper which may be larger.


Payment Methods Accepted

Payment to be made via cheque in Sterling for UK customers, Euros for French customers, other nationalities please contact me to arrange currency details. Cheques to be made payable to Elisabeth Shatwell and forwarded to address shown above. Direct Bank transfers can be made for customers using internet banking, details supplied on request.

Watercolour on Paper


Title Medium

size  w x h

Price £ Price €
Redlake in Sunset Watercolour 30x40 £31 €36
Dartmoor morning Watercolour 30x40 £31 €36
Lady of Farnasia Watercolour 30x40 £31 €36
Blue Pots Watercolour 30x40 £35 €40
Still life Pompeii Watercolour 61x46 £70 €80
Port Ancienne Watercolour 18x24 £35 €40
Low tide Newquay Watercolour 50x35 £35 €40
Quillan France Watercolour 30x40 £35 €40
Moulin de Brousses Watercolour 30x40 £30 €35
not used        


Paintings on Canvas


Title medium size w x h
Price £ Price €
Foxglove on asparagus gauache 30x40 £26 € 30
 Roc Gageac  acrylic on canvas  91x71 £200  €240 
 St Robert 4  acrylic on canvas 70x50  £132  €158 
 Stow-on-the-Wold  acrylic on canvas  80x100 £244  €292 
 Terrasson 2  acrylic on canvas  81x100 £244  €292 
 La Chasse  acrylic on canvas  100x100 £335  €400 
 Bristol Suspension Bridge  acrylic on canvas  100x100 £335  €400 
 Condat 1-SOLD  acrylic on canvas  100x100 £
 Condat 2-SOLD  acrylic on canvas  60x60 £
 Hautefort 1  acrylic on canvas  70x50 £85 €100
Hautefort 2-SOLD  acrylic on canvas  50x70 £
 Hautefort 3-SOLD  acrylic on canvas  60x60 £
 Montignac 1 acrylic on canvas  92x65 £200 €240
 Montignac 2 - SOLD  acrylic on canvas  80x40 £
 Montignac 3-SOLD  acrylic on canvas  41x33 £
 Nailhac 1-SOLD  acrylic on canvas  73x54 £
 Nailhac 2-SOLD  acrylic on canvas  73x54  £
 Perigueux 1  acrylic on canvas  93x60 £125 €150
 Sarlat 1-SOLD  acrylic on canvas  70x90 £
 St Robert 3  acrylic on canvas  55x46 £94 €113
St Genies 1 acrylic on canvas 73x54 £132 €154
Sarlat 2-SOLD acrylic on canvas 50x70 £
St Robert 2-SOLD acrylic on canvas 50x70 £
Terrasson 1-SOLD acrylic on canvas 120x80 £
St Robert 1-SOLD acrylic on canvas 50x70 £
St Amand de Coly 2-SOLD acrylic on canvas 80x80 £
St Amand de Coly 1-SOLD acrylic on canvas 40x40 £


Cards & Artwork Prints


Bulk Same/Size Subject Discount =====>
    Price £ Price €
minimum 10-19
minimum 20-49
50 plus
A6 with envelopes £1,05 €1,30
A5 with envelopes £1,60 €2,00
sqr 125mm with envelopes £1,20 €1,50
DL with envelopes £1,45 €1,80
A4 Prints Most Artwork £10.00 €12,00 -10% -15% -20%


Adding personalised text to greeting cards


personalised text 1 colour per card, min. 10 cards per page £ 0.13 €0,15
personalised text 1 colour minimum 30 cards per page £ 0.08 €0,10
personalised text 1 colour minimum 50 cards per page £ 0.05 €0,06